Provide your website a boost with a USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Server

Linux Semi-dedicated Services are a hybrid service. They depict a one of a kind blend between the power of a Linux dedicated hosting service plus the user–friendliness of a normal shared hosting account. By having a semi–dedicated server, you will not possess root access to the server, but you also will not have to address any server management tasks. Plus you will end up in a position to handle every little thing through our own Online Control Panel.

In order to offer this type of advanced web hosting solution, we require assistance of a top–tier data center in which we can set up our custom made cloud infrastructure. That is why we chose our US datacenter to be home to the semi–dedicated servers.

Our US datacenter is located in down–town Chicago. It’s directly linked with much of the top–tier Internet companies within the USA, delivering great connection for all the websites hosted there. Also, with thanks to the special infrastructure we’ve got assembled there, we are able to guarantee you a 99.9% network uptime.

Using the combined power of our cloud hosting system and our data center, our USA Based Linux Semi-dedicated Servers are an incredible option for your future website.

Other US Hosting Services

Our US datacenter is home to a number of other web hosting services apart from our USA based semi–dedicated servers. We provide cloud hosting packages using a top–class cloud hosting platform. Every single USA Based Shared Hosting package features a cafe domain name for just A$14.05 and unrestricted disk space and traffic quotas. You could choose our USA Based Linux Virtual Private Servers, which have solid–state disks offering unbeatable file access speeds. You could go with a USA Based Linux Dedicated Hosting Servers – a top–choice web hosting solution for those who have a live video streaming website or a CPU hungry web application.